Artibee - Colour with Fun
What you'll need to bring to Workshops
For all the workshops please bring with you two towels, scissors and plastic bag to carry wet work home
Felted Pictures
You would be best to bring along a favourite photo/picture you would like to work from. However you can just work from your imagination if you prefer.  You will start with wet felting then adding detail to your picture by learning
needle felting. 
Felted Scarves
You will have a choice of cobweb,lattice or nuno felted scarf designs to choose from on this workshop. Perhaps there may even be time to do two. 
 All scarves will be made using wet felting.
Bonny Bags
Always a favourite!  On this workshop you will have a choice of making an open top,  flapped, bucket or beach bag.  So something for everyone's taste.  You will be wet felting using a resist with the option of adding Needle Felted detail at the end.
Baby Bootees
How can you resist?  Tiny footwear made using soft fleece and silk fibres.  Perfect gift for a new baby or even just as an ornament.  So Sweeeet!
Felted Vessels
Again you will have the choice of different designs.  You will be wet felting using a resist, 'tattie' masher and the latest  in 'bingo wings' excercises!  Intrigued?...  Then come along and join in the fun!
Fancy Flowers
On this workshop you should manage to make a few different types of flowers suitable to add to wall hangings,  on bags or make into jewellery.  Work the flowers by wet felting thinly and nuno felting to add various textures. 
Wall Hanging
On this  fun workshop you will learn the technique of making pre-felt to then add in to your hanging by wet felting.  Also some needle-felting or stitching may be added to give more detail and embelishment.  Please bring with you inspirational pictures to work from to build up hanging.
Saft Steens or Soft Stones
Learn how to cover steens(stones) with fleece and felt them to make either
small brooches,  paper weights, doorstops or just use as a nice ornament.  On this workshop you will have time to make  a nice selection to take home. 
 Embroidery and embelishments can also be added.
Christmas Stocking
Using the resist method you will make a lovely Christmas stocking, which can also be personalised with needle felting or embroidery.  Whether it is for yourself or one of your young friends it will surely get you in the Festive Mood.
Family Felting Fun   
Kids come along and learn the art of feltmaking and a little about the sheep the fleece comes from
Children must be accompanied by an adult
Younger children may need assistance whilst 7yr+ are usually quite keen on getting on with it.
If your child is older you might like to book yourself a place alongside them and 'hae a shotty' (have a go)too.
Pics below of kid's work from previous workshops and gatherings
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