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Bridal Hair
I have been a hairdresser for over 25 years on and off.  Mixing my arts and craft work with hairdressing is a good way for me to ensure harmony for my working days.   Having shared many a brides pre-marital nerves with them on the morning of their wedding day is both exciting and fun!  I always feel honoured to be invited in at such a special time. 
Wedding hair can be done in the comfort of your own home or at the venue of your wedding.  Over the years I have preened bridal parties in houses, flats, hotels and castles.  Sometimes being left to lock up the family home, tie necklaces, attatch button-holes to lapels and even tie kilts, sporrans and brogue lace-ups!  So not only a hairdresser at hand!  One poor bride even mislaid her headpiece so I dismantled  a bouquet sent to the bride's mother from the groom and added pieces through her hair as a last minute touch.  Magic fun!
Here is a selection of brides I have done from as far back as.....well, you'll realize some styles are very dated now but were all the rage at the time!  If any bride or bridesmaid I have done in the past is looking at this and your pic is missing then please send me your pic so you can be added to the slidehow.  No matter how far back! :)  Quite a few more recent pics to be added.  Sorry if you are missing you will appear soon!
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